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Be on the Cutting Edge of Landscape Design 

Three times a year PITH + VIGOR hosts the most interesting and exciting experts in landscape design, gardens, horticulture and the green industries. 


Join us for all of these events with an Annual Membership to the Garden Makers Lecture Series. 

Guarantee you don't miss any of our on-going education series.  


Annual membership includes : 

 >>> 3 New Live lectures, Individual tickets for these events are $29 each.

Value: $87 (annually)

>>> Access to the archive of past lectures. 
Each event is recorded and made available to re-watch as you wish. This archive (as of January 2023) has seven (7) past events (see below for the full list).

Each of these recordings can be purchased individually for $29 making the total value of a 2023 membership at least 7 * $29 = $203.

Value: At least $203*

Total Value:  (203 + 87) = $290

Join the Garden Makers Lecture Series: 



(annual membership)**


* Whenever you join the lecture series, you will receive the next 3 new lectures and all of the current archive.  All new lectures are archived so the value of this membership is constantly increasing. 


** Access is granted only as long as membership is maintained. 


** Live lectures provide an opportunity for you to ask your questions and discuss ideas with the presenter. 


Currently in the archive (January 2023):

    Kelly Norris (New Naturalism)

    Uli Lorimer (Native Plants)

    Dale Strickler (Repairing Soils)

    Carrie Preston (Functional Family Gardens)

    Douglas Kent (Gardens for Wellness)

    Rochelle Greayer (The Eco-Garden Audit)

    Benjamin Vogt (Fundamentals of Landscape Layers)



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The P+V Planting Design Boot Camp


In Planting Design Boot Camp You will Learn to:

  • Identify what a plant needs just by looking at it - even if you don't know what it is.


  • The basics of the secret language of plants (Botanical Latin) and how to use it to your advantage.


  • Read the characteristics of your land and understand what will work and what won't.


  • Discover and define your own planting design style.


  • Analyze and pick perfect plants for you and your specific conditions.


  • Successfully pair plants to achieve your aesthetic as well as a healthy thriving garden.


  • Draw up a scaled plan of your planting areas so you know exactly what you need, where it will go and how many plants to buy.


  • Navigate the nursery. Purchase plants and shop like a pro.


  • Utilize the same design principles used by the pros.


  • Install your plants so they thrive and achieve your vision.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the course with your login, and password for the course site.
There is a 7-day money back guarantee.  If you want to cancel your purchase of the course for any reason, you are free to do that with a full refund up until 7 days after you purchase.  No refunds will be given after 7 days.

What People Are Saying:

Without the course I'd have a garden with way too many plants and in a hodge-podge system at that.


I learned so much about plants and how to think about garden spaces. These concepts seem so obvious to me now that I have taken the course, but I never thought about them like that before (if that makes sense!).  


Without Planting Design Boot Camp I would probably still be where I am every year: planting without purpose and knowing that I would have to start over again the next year. It's a rather depressing cycle!