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Creating Containers - A Year of Creating Collected Gardens in Pots with Rochelle Greayer


This Course is in its first run in 2023.  We consider it a BETA run (and that means there are kinks being worked out as we go). 

Buying the course this year will entitle you to deep discounts (at least 50% - but probably more) in all future years.   


What you'll get:

1)  All 7 Modules of instruction (Most modules will be delivered by the end of May 2023, one will be later in June and a couple more in the fall of 2023 as noted below). 

2) 3 LIVE Q&A and Discussion Sessions  (Late April/ Early May 2023, Late May/ Early June 2023, and Early September 2023) - Exact dates will be announced before the course begins and all sessions will be recorded for playback. 

3) All downloadable Plant Lists and instruction materials. 


The Course Outline: 

  • Module 1- Introductions, Goals & Tools 

  • Module 2 - How to Get started

    How to choose pots (what style, how big, how many, where to get them, and where to put them). 

    The soil - The best mix, how to fill your pots, what to use, and some soil science basics 

    How to prep your pots and soil

  • Module 3 - Designing Your Container Collection Garden

     How to Gather inspiration, organize it, and use it to create your designs.  

    Learn to make decisions based on your location

    Assess and augment your existing style; learn how to compliment your house and garden

    how to play with color. Create easy combinations that work.

    Styling and Choosing plants to execute your design ideas

    Planting for success.

    How to create A Simple Sketch that makes it all easier.

  • Module 4 Putting it all Together

    How many plants?  Simple formulas to make it right every time.

    Navigating the Nursery - 7 Shopping Tips for Getting Good Plants

    How to make the Most of Online Plant Shopping

    The Cost Calculator 

    Choosing the right Plants (with plant lists)

    The 7 plant shapes and how to put them together 

    Adding Native Plants to your design

    Annuals and Perennials

    Making Climbing Plants work 

    Wonderful Woody plants

    Mapping your pot's progression through the seasons. 

  • Module 5 - Caring for your Potted Garden

    Irrigation - Setting your garden system up to flourish. (Delivered by June 30th 2023)

    Cleaning and maintenance

    Ongoing Nutrition and fertilizer

  • Module 6 - Seasonal Design Inspiration 

    Where to get  inspiration 

    Spring Ideas (Delivered Fall 2023) 

    Summer container garden ideas 

    Fall ideas (Delivered Summer 2023) 

    Winter ideas (Delivered Fall 2023) 

  • Module 7 - Extras

    Helpful resources

    Plant Lists 



    [ This course is being taught live and is a first run beta version.  The above outline will likely change as we move through and student feedback will be important to making this a fulfilling experience for everyone.]  Additionally: 
  • The course officially runs from April 24th through to the last live live session which will be scheduled for the first week of September 2023.  The the lessons and learning material will remain accessible online until the next version of this course runs (you will have guaranteed access through at least March 30th 2024).    
  • All Beta students in 2023 will additionally receive a 50% off coupon for a future run of this course.